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Charles Drain Painting Testimonials

November 2014, The Mews at Byers Station

I appreciate the attention that Charles Drain gave to my gutter problem. Two weeks ago, he cleaned my gutters and reattached a part of the gutter that was pulled away from the fascia where I noticed water leaking behind the gutter and pooling near my air conditioner. After this repair, water still leaked behind the gutter. Charles returned today and I discussed the problem with him. Further inspection of the gutter showed that the gutter was not sloped sufficiently to drain the water to the downspout. Charles raised the end of the gutter to increase the slope and hopefully this will solve the problem. He was very cooperative and skillful. I am pleased that we hire contractors of this caliber!

July 17, 2014 - Letter of Recommendation

The Tullamore Homeowners Association has employed Charles Drain for painting and other related work for about 4 years. He has performed small and large jobs very successfully for us. The most recent one was staining the complete exterior of our 33 units. This work was completed on time and on cost over a three year time period. He is now winding up staining decks for 7 units and has an ongoing contract to clean out our roof gutters and down spouts. In addition, he has been employed personally by several residents for interior painting. All of his work has bee done to the complete satisfaction of the customer, a top priority for Charles.

Charles Drain is a highly competent professional. He understands and uses the latest in painting technology. This technology seemsto be constantly changing due to government regulation to reduce danger to our environment and this can lead to unforseen problems. He can be counted on to do as he promises and maybe a little more, if necessary, to do a superior job. He employees highly competent and capable employees as dictated by the scope of work, and carries the proper liability and workers compensation insurance. He has met and usually beaten competitor's bids in our experience. This is an ongoing requirement of our Homeowners Association Bylaws.

In summary, Charles Drain Painting is a highly competent, trustworthy and cost effective painting contractor who can handle a wide variety of jobs in a way that achieves customer satisfaction.

Arthur J. Holveck
Tullamore Homeowners Association

March 2014 - Brandon B.

Basement looks awesome!! Great job. Anytime you need me as a reference feel free to list me.

October 2013 - Joseph S.

Over the years Charles Drain has painted numerous rooms of all shapes and sizes in our home The painting work always looks great - crisp lines between colors and professional workmanship. This includes trim (baseboard & crown molding) & doors. He recently pressure washed my siding and that looks great as well. Charles is always professional and a pleasure to deal with,along with various outside painting as well. He also provided pressure washing services.

August 2013 - Deborah B.

Removed several layers of wallpaper in house that was purchased/ repaired the walls for painting and the painted; EXCELLENT WORK. It went excellent. Charles DraIn did exceptional work, We could not have done this ourselves, The inside of our home looks custom made and brand new and the house is over 80 years old.

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